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It’s been a long time since The Hongik Tidings has been published. From the first issue to the 200th, there were lots of incidents and changes that happened in Hongik University, Korea, and elsewhere. To celebrate HT’s 200th issue, let’s see the history of Hongik University, Korea, and the rest of the world through HT.


(교내) The Foundation of the Hongik Tidings!

August 31. 1985, No_1 / Greetings to Hong-Ik Family! Univ. Starts Tidings as English News Tool

The university has started to publish an English newspaper.

A cover picture describes that, “The Tidings will ever press onward, forward, and upward like the Eternal Smiling Symbol.”

(교내) The Construction for the Students, but Some of Them Are Banned?

March 1986, No_5 / Mammoth Multi-Purpose Culture & Sports Center Dedicated

The center was finally dedicated on March 28. It would function as a training place for encouraging and developing a healthy body and positive mind through sports in campus life.

May 1986, No_7/ Junior Collegians Rampage

About 400 Hongik juniors in college, in a fury over limited admission to the swimming pool in the gym, demonstrated on campus. They started throwing stones at the gym and other buildings, breaking hundreds of the glass windows.

(사회) As One of the Hongik-in, Fight for Democracy

March 15 A Rigged Election in 1960

April 19 Revolution in 1960

(Background) December 12 Chun Doo-hwan’s Coup d'état in 1979

May 18 Gwang-ju Democratization Movement in 1980

After Constitutional Amend, Chun’s military regime has established in 1981

Park Jong-chul of Seoul National University is tortured, resulting in his death on January 14, 1987

March 1987, No_13/ Real Democracy Needs No More Torture, More Human Rights

Detained during a student demonstration, Park Jong-chul was tortured by the police, and then died. We, the Hongik Tidings, proclaimed our fury against his death and appealed to gain human rights.

Prohibit a revision of the constitution from an indirect election to a direct one on April 13,

May 1987, No_15 / GSC Leads Rally, showdown; Actions feared to become a tougher.

GSC held a commemoration ceremony for the May 18 Gwang-ju Democratization Movement from May 13 to 18. Although they started to protest, the riot polices suppressed their demonstration, too.

Protesting the dictatorship, Lee Han-yeol in Yonsei University is killed by the police with tear gas on June 9, 1987

1987. 6.10-6.29 June Revolution

June 1987, No_16 / Students Boycott Classes Over Political Matters

Opposing an action to protect the constitution with the fury against the innocent death, Hongik University students had boycotted their class from May 28 to May 30. Over 800 students gathered in Minju-ground in front of Wow-gwan. Then, they tried to promote a demonstration to remedy the abuses of the dictatorship but faced the riot police who waited for them at the gate. They started to throw rocks, firebombs and tear gas.

(사회) The International Event represents Korea! But…

88’ Seoul Summer Olympics, from September 17 to October 2 in 1988

88’ Seoul Summer Paralympics, from October 15 to October 24 in 1988

October 1988, No_26 / Time to Watch for Ourselves

The public attention of the whole world focused on Korea for a month in September during the 88’ Seoul Olympics held in Korea. However, it doesn’t mean that these spotlights brightened the dark side of our society, which was concealed by the dictatorship. We could see a clear constant of black and white. The HT criticized the dictatorship which violently oppressed the student movement.

We cannot be indifferent to the handicapped

The HT also tried to cover a story regarding the social minorities, and not only the mainstream. The representative story is the 8th Seoul Paralympics. In contrast to the Olympics, the Paralympics didn’t receive public attention. Therefore, the HT encouraged people to pay more attention to the disabled, by getting rid of the discriminative prejudice.

November 1988, No_27 / March 1989, No_29

2ND Campus Established 2,370 to be admitted/ Jochiwon Campus Opens

Hongik University announced that the Jochiwon campus, including the College of Industrial Arts which had 11 departments, would be founded in 1989 and would recruit 2,370 freshmen. The Jochiwon Campus had many departments that the Seoul campus didn’t have.

April 1992, No_ 54 / May 1993, No_63

Deng Pulls China Out from Feudalism—Getting much support in reformist in NPC (National People’s Congress/ Recent China’s Reform to improve New Socialism Model

In these articles, we learned that Deng Xiaoping in China reformed the economy. For example, China opened the market to capitalism. It caused a change in the political situation of Asia, and China’s economy really grew fast while maintaining its communist political system.

September 1992, No_57/ National Reunification rely on Democratic Government

A Pan Korean rally, involving South Koreans, North Koreans, and overseas Koreans was held in 1992. It was a huge event at which people hoped for reunification. Moreover, it was meaningful since people had spent all their efforts to make this Pan Korean rally happen.

October 1993, No_66/ Consideration on Teacher Recruitment Exam

In that year, the teacher recruitment exam was implemented. With this, everyone could have an equal chance of taking the examination. This article made a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of the teacher certification exam.

The style of The Hongik Tidings was changed into a magazine form in the 85th issue.

August 1996, No_87/ HIU (Hongik University)’s Progress and Future

This piece of writing celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hongik University.

October 1997, No_92/ A Beginning for One Nation of China with Handover of Hongkong

Britain returned Hong Kong to China. Hereafter, China has had two systems (capitalism and communism) under one nation.

November 1998, No_97/ New Academic Departments at HIU (Hongik University)

In 1998, the School of Advertising & Public Relations and the major of Animation were newly established and a ‘faculty’ system was adopted.

October 2006, No_144/ New face in Hongik University

Hong-Mun Hall (Building R) was newly built at that time. Three designers who graduated from Hongik University gathered together and designed it. Hongik University needed a building that could accommodate a large amount of space. But if they did so, the building would look too big. So, what they had to do was making it look smaller than it really was. Also, the three designers said the concept of the Hong-Mun Hall was a cottage.

October 2007, No_150/ Go For it, Through the Cyber-Class

In that year, a Cyber-Class was newly launched. The editors of the HT worried there might be problems. The first problem that they guessed would occur would be discontinued communication between students and their professors. The second problem was that the Cyber-Class would decrease the number of offline classes.

March 2008, No_152/ Leasing the Campus for Students?

Hongik University made plans for leased facilities inside Hongmungwan and a large stationery store ‘Hangaram’ opened.

September 2009, No_161 / Everything about ₩50,000 banknotes

In June, the Bank of Korea issued a new ₩50,000 banknote, which is now the highest currency in Korea.

September 2012, No_179/ 1 Second for Semester

The changed subject application system put the Subject-Drafting period before application date, so students could put subjects on a list.

March 2017, No_197/ Who is the owner of Korea?

The 18th president, Park Geun-hye and her longtime friend, Choi Soon-sil abused their power. The citizens got angry, as they ran out into the street to fight injustice. Finally, the matter moved to an impeachment motion in the National Assembly, which accused President Park of extensive and serious violations of the Constitution and the law.


By reading thoroughly from the first Hongik Tidings to the most recent, we can learn various things from them. We can gather a lot of information about our University, as well as social news in those days. We can hear personal stories of the students, some of which were very impressive. Also, we can notice the deep contemplation of reporters when they wrote their articles. It is like time travel. We can imagine young passionate students at the same of our age, interviewing people and covering news at that time. As their hard efforts accumulated, the whole series of Hongik Tidings could be made, which is the record of Hongik University and the students. Finally, it is valuable in itself.

Tear gas- a gas that makes the eyes fill with tears but does not damage them (called Choi-ru boom)

A rigged election- an illegal interference with the process of an election

Pan Korean- for all civil of Korea

Impeachment- a process by which a legislative body formally charges against a high official of government.

[Editor’s Pick]


October 1992, No_58

Interview with Roh Moo-hyun, Former Assemblyman

As you see in the picture, we interviewed Roh Moo-hyun, a former president of Korea, before his going to a lecture to educate people including university students.

At that time, he was the head of the young men’s special committee of the Democratic Party (DP). He was also working for the leader of the DP, Kim Dae-jung, to win the coming presidential election.

In the interview, he urged students to be interested in politics in that politics are our problems.

After interviewing, he gave a lecture. The following contents were selected from his address.

First, be a practicing intellectual. These days, many people just criticize social absurdities through only words, not action.

Second, if you should rise to the high position, respect a universal truth.

Third, never put off till later what you can do now.


November 1995, No_79

Hongik Needs Balanced and Effective Educational Development Plan

This article deals with the problems of the educational administration in Hongik University. For example, when we signed up for classes, we could not have courses that we wanted since there were fewer courses in our school than in others. I really sympathize with the subject of this article because the problems of the current educational administration we discuss nowadays are not different with from those of the past. In addition, it was unusual and enviable that they expressed their dissatisfaction to school actively, even though they are a university press, which is under the school’s management.


April 2002, No_117

A Long Journey

I had never seen a student who used a wheelchair in the Hongik University campus. So, I didn’t think or care about those students. However, in this article, there was a student who had a car accident and had to depend on a wheelchair during some months. The student went to the campus in a wheelchair and went around the campus in the chair. He or she wrote a detailed review about using a wheelchair in the campus. Thanks to this article, I could realize that there are some students who have to use a wheelchair. Also, I know that it is uncomfortable to use a wheelchair in the campus.


May 2008, No_154

Do You Reuse Waste Paper?

The article shows the eco-friendly campaign that the reporters of Hongik Tidings made. They gathered used paper from trash cans and found out that one-side-used papers make up a large portion of the total amount of paper waste. So they made 135 used-paper notebooks and distributed them to students for free. I was moved by their passion to do such hard work. Also, I thought holding a campaign could be an effective way to advertise Hongik Tidings to students. I hope we will think of a special campaign that many people can join.

September 2014, No_186

The Word

Have you ever thought of getting cancer? Thinking about it hardly strikes us because we believe cancer is none of our business. Here’s the story of a person who was just like us. The writer used to be a ‘thyroid cancer’ patient. The whole story of recovering gave me the chance to think back on my life. The writer felt helpless and depressed, being unable to do anything under the threat of the disease. The time that normal university students spent with their assignments and studying was the thing that he desired most. Without the similar experience, do I value much of my time? The article gave me the chance to look back at myself.

Thyroid: located near the base of the neck

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