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The Passion Pit for the first issue of 2018 features a lucky travller who marked her 20th birthday in India. She, who likes to take a trip together and alone, would like to share her exotic experiences in the ultimate destination for travllers, India.

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Yoo Daeun, 20-year-old,

A Nomad Wants to be Free Like a Bird

Bhusaval Junction railway station, Maharashtra, India

< Beginning a Journey to India>

I've dreamed of backpacking India for a long time. To make my dream comes true, I left on the first day of 2018. My first impression of India was just total chaos...

So many dogs and cows, the poo made by them, trash everywhere, speeding rikshaws with no driving lanes, dust coloring my nose black indside, noise of horns beeping hundered of times in a second. Everything surrounding me was hectic. Is it really possible for me to love India? My trip begins with questions.

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Manikarnika Ghat, Ganga River, Varanasi

At a crematory of the Ganges River, two types of people achieve their dreams in different ways.

Dead people, burning into a handful of ash, the end of their life journey scattered in the Ganges.

Hindu Pilgrims wash themselves in the river.

It was quite a shock to watch the process of a humans transforming into ashes, but death is the final way all of us must pass and it reminded me a basic question on a human life. "

#ganga #ganges#crematory #moodygrams#blackandwhitepics

TajMahal, Agra, India

When I first faced the Taj Mahal in reality, previously only seen in pictures, I was truly touched.

I stared at this beautiful, magnificent tomb with bewitched eyes, as if I was in a daydream.

It seemed that it was built with particles of many beautiful things from around the world.

Nothing could not impress me a few days after seeing the Taj Mahal.

One point you should remember, if you want to get one of the best photos in your lifetime, you need a partner as it is prohibited to bring in a tripod.

#Agra#tajmahal#tomb #shajahan#loveisgreat#somedayiwill#prayforme

On the way to Varanasi

India is notorious for the delay of trains. It's even a commonplace to spend 15 to 20 hours on the train, and it gives opportunities to get along with natives. In the train going to Varanasi, I got acquainted with a boy my age. He was good-looking, so I talked to him first., "You have the same Crocs shoes as mine!" He was a University student living in New Delhi. We chatted about everything to nothing,. We also exchanged Instagram ID and wrote down each other's name in each other's language. He was embarrassed by the difference between my face on Instagram and my no make-up face right in front of him...^^ It turned out that he was very good at taking pictures. I loved his page!

#something #inthetrain #makefriends #handsomeguy #cantbreak #longdistance #followforfollow

re : @hyejin2108 kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... I love this episode...

I happened to meet a boy that looked about 11 years old, while wandering at a place that is infamous for street sellers hanging around foreign travllers. The boy followed me around and asked me to buy a key ring.

Suddenly he looked in my eyes and said, " Wow, you have very beautiful eyes. Are they really yours?"

I said "I have no money.", and he asked "You don't have a dollar?" I answered,"No, l dont have any dollars."

"You don't have any Korean money?" "No Korean money."

"Oh... You have only your eyes?" "kkkkkkkkkkkk... How sweet are you?"

" I like you. What is your name?" "My name is Daeun. Maybe we will meet again someday, bye."

"Bye my love. You are different from others. You don't have to buy my key ring. It's ok. I hope to see you again!"

Well, actually my eyes that he praised were in fact colored lenses. Sorry, they were not my real eyes indeed...^^

#indiakid #makesmelaugh #thankyou #O-lens

You know what? People in India l.o.v.e. taking pictures. To tell you the truth, it was too much.

More than twenty Indian guys asked me to take a "selfie" together. I felt like I had become a celebrity.

By the way, I was getting tired... and I felt afraid of my face being spread around on SNS in India.

#omg #please #enoughisenough #exhausted #indianpeople #loveselfie#toomuch #selfieday

Ajanta Caves, Maharashtr, India

Also I met Indian children on a picnic, when I visited Ajanta Caves. They also asked me to take pictures together. Besides then, there was a cheesy clerk who gave me a free scoop of ice -cream asking me to come again the next day. Oh, there was one more. A guy selling leather shoes asked me, "Are you happy? I'm happy you're happy." He warmly smiled. I will never forget all those people.

#india#imiss #indiapeople #travelphotography #colorfulindia

Camel safari, Jaisalmer, India

Live in Romance

I entered into the Kuri Desert riding on a camel, and fell asleep in the middle of the desert looking up at the starry sky.

It seemed to be a scattered starry powder on a black canvas. Millions of stars were sparkling as if they were pouring into my eyes. It was the largest number of stars I've ever seen.

"Don't be a pessimistic realist and don't be an irresponsible romantist." It was my motto, but well, I think it's not quite as bad to be romantic.

#camel #Kuri #desert #

On the way back from India

Of course not everything on my trip was good. Stuck on a train for 20 hours is commonplace, catching a cold because of the drastic change in temperature between daytime and nighttime, suffering from diarrhea and nearly starving for 3 days etc.. were not pleasant.Through this travel experience I got to know one thing about the Indian people, they follow their own orders and can find peace in that busy, complicated atmosphere. They are people living in satisfaction, saying 'No problem', whenever, whatever happens. I learned to wait patiently while sitting on the dirty ground, waiting over 6 hours for a late train. Telling myself "Yes, I am here in India!" Still it was not easy to take the steps to return home. India has a unique mood, a glorious cultural heritage with similar people living in a different scenario from Koreans. The emotions I felt inside myself while here were so vivid that they still make me feel like I am on fluffy clouds. I think I'll visit here again, sooner or later. Then I will just bring a notebook and camera, and walk wherever my feet take me.


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Yoo Dayoung  .

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