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How do we deal with ANGER?

As human beings, we all live our life experiencing various kinds of feelings. Our feelings are easily influenced, even by trivial things. When we get an unexpected gift, we feel happy and positive but a second later when we change our focus and think unhappy, negative thoughts about what still needs to be accomplished, we could suddenly become irritated. As society progresses however, more and more people are apt to hide their feelings. Chief of all, one of the feelings that we tend to hide the most is anger. This may be because the feeling of anger is usually recognized to be a negative feeling. Yet, it is not correct to classify whether a feeling is negative or positive. Feeling angry is something that is natural and applies to everyone in the world. Repressing anger only could create sickness in our mind. It is therefore essential that we deal wisely with anger. What are some ways our reporters deal with anger? Let’s find out.

You Hahyeun (Industrial Design)

I believe that there are two types of anger. One is when I get angry at myself and the other is when I get angry at another person. Sometimes, I get angry at myself when something does not turn out the way I have planned, but this anger gets relieved naturally after a short period of time. The anger that arises from the latter situation is what matters the most. When I get angry with a friend, I need to take some time to think over the reason for the anger and the situation. After spending time on my own thinking about it, I immediately try to solve the problem by inducing a conversation with that specific person. There’s always a reason for anger and I believe that going over the situation and having a conversation is the best way to resolve it.

Yun Daeun (Business)

Anger doesn’t always have a negative effect on me. Sometimes it becomes a strong motivation for me to work more passionately than at any time in my life. However, it is also true that anger can usually be a distraction that keeps me from concentrating. Instead of doing what I have to do, it makes me fully focus on my emotion. Through quite a lot of experience being angry, I found my own way to handle the anger. I start cooking when I feel out of control. While preparing ingredients and washing them in the running water, the feeling of the cold water and fresh ingredients helps me relax. It feels like my brain and my mind also get washed like the ingredients do. Since every process of cooking such as cutting, frying, waiting, seasoning and decorating, is something that requires a great deal of care, attention and effort, it is almost impossible for me to think about other things. Moreover, to look at the beautiful colors of each ingredient gives me a lot of pleasure. In this way, cooking is the most effective way for me to lose my anger and feel better again.

Lee Yoorim (English Education)

It is said that patience is the best buckler against affronts. I have always been the impatient one in my family. When I was in middle school, I expressed my anger through screaming and throwing a tantrum. I was indeed truthful to my emotions. I never attempted to hide them. Once, my younger brother used my cellphone charger and misplaced it. I did not know he had used it so I looked for my charger all day long. I was getting angry at myself. Then, my brother came to me and handed me the charger. My anger was nearly at its limit, but the way my brother apologized to me was as if I were a dictator and he had committed an indelible sin. From then on, I tried to talk out my emotions without being a fire breathing dragon. However, it is possible that my words appear insignificant to some people because I always try not to lose the smile on my face. Therefore, I figured out that for me the best way to deal with anger at people is to give the person three strikes and if that does not work, farewell!

Park Cheoljoo (Korean Language and Literature)

I`m big. Not only in height, but also in weight. This means that my actions are nothing to me, but surrounding people react to those actions differently. When I realized that truth, I tried to control my behavior, expressions, voice, etcbetter. Anger cannot be an exception. When I`m furious, I try to control my behavior and start thinking. ‘Why does that guy act like that?’ then, I find a reason and think ‘It can be, it can be’. Next, I try to hide my anger and attempt to accept the situation that made me angry. Lastly, I accept that situation, and the anger is over.

Seoh Jiwon (Sculpture)

The topic of the ‘Small Talk’ on this issue is how I deal with my anger when I get furious. My solutions to handle anger differ depending on how mad I get.

Stage One: when I am actually a bit pissed off, but denying the fact that I am-I talk to my friends about the issue which made me pissed.

Stage Two: it is the stage where I can feel the actual anger inside me-My habit of relieving stress and anger by eating shows up.

Stage Three: Everyone can be certain about my feeling-I AM ANGRY.

Stage Four: There is so much anger inside me that it feels as if I am just about to explode.

Stage Five: Oh, I have lost control in me-starting from stage three to five, my solution is only one. Eat a lot, talk (about the matter) a lot, and sleep a lot. The only difference is how much time is spent. Of course, the more furious I get, the more time it takes to calm myself down.

Heo Junyoung (Korean Language and Literature)

When I get angry, I sleep because I do not want to do anything when I get angry. I do not want to get angry, have an argument, be sad and think about the cause of my anger. I can avoid these things by sleeping. After sleeping, my anger decreases. I do not express my feelings such as sadness and anger, so my choice is just sleeping. Of course I can’t sleep feeling good but it is kind of my habit.

I saw an article that it is an unhealthy habit to sleep after getting angry. This is because sleeping arranges and integrates information that we had prior to sleep when we wake up. So if you sleep when you are angry, this increases your anger. Sleeping when I get angry is my own tip. So I do not recommend this tip to you.

Choi Yoogyeong (Open Major)

I become furious when I am misunderstood or ignored. It is very stressful for me and makes me feel that something is unfair. But since my character is a little timid, I often control my anger to maintain the clique I’m with. But whenI’m really angry, I let off steam from my head. There are several ways to remit my anger.

First I usually cry. Crying helps me to become calm. After crying for a long time, I can forget the cause of anger. Next, I shout any word, sometimes a swear word. I know that cursing is not the best thing, but I think it is the best way for me to let the anger out. Finally, I tell the things that made me upset to my Mom or friends. Talking to someone helpsme relax and know that it’s not a big problem.

Jung Minhee (Painting)

To deal with a great anger might be difficult for most people. For me actually, I don’t usually get angry so I’m still trying to find my own way to solve it. One of the solutions to deal with my anger is quite simple; just meet someone and curse at the cause of my anger. It’s okay if I cannot meet someone face-to-face, talking over the cell phone is enough. When I meet my close friend, eat delicious food and start to talk about my trouble and anger, usually my friend tells me her personal problems too, and we can both deal with them by talking and listening to each other. I think the most important thing to deal with anger is to not suppress it!

You Hahyeun  hahyeunyou@gmail.com

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