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As I say - Yoo JaeSeok & Lee Jeok

Park Jiwon (English Education)

When I get tired, I listen to ‘As I Say’, by Yoo Jae Seok & Lee Jeok. When I was coming to Seoul, which is a central city as the capital of Korea, in which everything is concentrated, I worried that I wouldn’t be familiar to anybody and it would be hard to live my daily life in university. As I worried, I had to do many things at the same time at first so that I had to go to a bed late and wake up early. Then, I was too tired to wake up early in the morning after the hard schedule of the day before. However, there is the only thing that encouraged me: the song of the alarm in the morning. It was ‘As I Say’, which is written and sung by Yoo Jae Seok & Lee Jeok. Since its lyrics are very hopeful and it is created by Yoo Jae Seok, who is mentioned in a survey as one of the most respected persons for Korean young adults, I loved that song. Although the first step as an adult for me was horribly confusing, I always conceive the clause of the title and the lyrics, ‘As I Say’, hoping that I will live as I say.

Shut up & groove - Heize and Dean

Choi Bugeun ( Mechanical System Design Engineering )

This topic was rather wide. I was in agony about writing on it. Actually, I have a lot of playlists as a person who loves to listen to music. So, it was painful to choose just one. But, eventually I picked one. The song I chose is ‘Shut up & Groove’. I listen to it when my life is hard because of a lot of work. This song is the song of the musician, Heize (feat. Dean), who was very hot last year. From the title to the lyrics and the videos or the voice of the singer, there is one theme in this song: take it all off and feel the groove. What a simple and clear theme! They put this simple subject in a sophisticated and cool way. Of course, the voice of the singer is also very exciting. So, how cannot I love this song? Even when I walk with weary steps, I can listen to this song and feel the rhythm without worrying about other people's gaze. Not just feeling rhythm, I can feel the urge to want to go somewhere immediately. If you are tired of life,shut up and groove with this song now.

Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Lee Yoorim (English Education)

When there are a lot of things going on in my life, I wish I had supernatural powers such as time travel to undo my bad decisions, invisibility to disappear from everything, and invulnerability to keep my body and mind safe. Whenever I feel frustrated with my life, I listen to The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s ‘Something Just Like This.’ Its catchy rhythm makes me listen to the song on my way home from the university. Furthermore, the lead singer Chris Martin from Coldplay sings about heroes from the Greek myths to the Marvel heroes. However, in the song, there is a woman who comforts him that he does not have to be a hero and she does not want someone with superhuman powers or some fairy tale bliss. Her soothing words also calm me. Listening to this song, I realize that there will be more struggles to face but having a super power will not solve those conflicts. With people supporting me for who I am, I am sure I will move forward.

24K Magic - Bruno Mars

Heo Junyoung (Korean language & literature)

When I feel down, I listen ‘24K Magic’ by Bruno Mars. To be accurate, I listen this song when I want to be cheered up. The song’s funky rhythm and Bruno Mars soulful voice make my heartbeat quicken. There are a lot of exciting songs in the world, but most exciting songs are just exciting. They cannot make my heartbeat quicken or make me want to dance right now. It is hard to explain why Bruno Mars’s songs have special power. Not only ‘24K Magic’ but also ‘Uptown Funk’ awakens my desire to dance. The desire starts from the deep, deep part of my mind, so the ‘dancing desire’ is delivered to my muscles. Naturally, I can fall into a rhythm. At last I recommend this song when you go to school. The boring and tiring trip to school will be changed into a scene from a movie. I am sure that the scene will be really exciting.

Mandrake - Guckkasten

Jung minhee (Painting)

Starting a day on weekdays might not be easy for most of the students in Korea. For me, to wake up and make my mind fresh in the morning, I used to listen to my favorite songs. Just like some of you, I also have my own music playlist. Among the numbers of songs I listen to, I want to introduce the song ‘Mandrake’ by Guckkasten, one of the most famous rock bands in Korea. Ha Hyunwoo, the vocalist of Guckkasten who composed the song, once mentioned that he composed ‘Mandrake’ when he thought there was something lacking in his life, thinking himself to be an incomplete being. However, since their music started to be widely known to people, he and all other the members play ‘Mandrake’ as an ending song at their concert, watching audiences waving flashlights which looks like beautiful starlight. Every time I listen to this song, I feel like something shining and gleaming comes out from somewhere and fills my heart. That’s why I hear this song every morning to refresh myself.

The Secret Garden - Lee Sangeun

Yun Daeun (Business Administration)

Last summer, right after the semester was over, I flew to Paris to join my cousin who was traveling around Europe for about four months. One day, we went to Montmartre Cemetery and began to talk about our own funerals that we want to hold. We both agreed that it would be great to play a song that has a special meaning to each of us. I started thinking about which song I would play at my funeral and my choice was ‘The Secret Garden’ sung by Lee Sangeun. The reason why I chose this song is that this song always reminds me of what happiness looks like. Sometime, when I feel lost and lose confidence, this song makes me remember that I’m the kind of person who can easily become happy by little things. With the help of this song, I just wanted to let the condolers get a sense of who I used to be. Also, since I was sure that the people who come to my funeral will be the ones that I always loved, I want them to feel comforted by the warm lyrics of the song.

It’s okay - BTOB

Choi Yugyeong (Material Science & Engineering)

I usually listen to BTOB’s music a lot. The reason is that I’m their fan and their songs are in various genres. Thanks to their diverse kinds of songs, I can have a chance to refresh my mind on myself. Picking up several pieces of their music, first, I can say a song whose title is ‘It’s Okay’ is the best ‘healing song’. The lyrics of this song contain the message that it will be okay and everything will be fine. I think the words of song are very hopeful and positive. For this reason, when I’m tired and depressed about my future, I play this music. Next, I want to recommend another song ‘Movie’, the latest song, to improve your mood. When I feel really good or upset, conversely, this song’s melody and rhyme make me feel excited and forget about some annoyance. Let’s listen to these songs I have introduced to you together!

Choi Yugyeong  pretty0467 @ naver.com

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