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Lee Gyeong-seo, Park Young-hoon, Lee Hye-ji

Without us fully realizing it, artificial intelligence has become a part of our lives. From cell phones to cars, AI is paving its way into things we use on our daily lives. The artificial intelligence revolution in everyday life has already begun. The movie-like story is becoming a reality.

AI is not a concept in a science fiction any more. In March 2016, a Baduk game (Koreanstyle chess) between Lee Se-dol 9p, a Korean professional Baduk player, and Google DeepMind ‘AlphaGo’ was held. AlphaGo won Lee 4:1. This historical match showed that AI surpasses human’s intelligence.

Google's ‘pixels’ and ‘Siri’ makes user feel as if they are having a ‘conversation’ as oppose to doing a search on a search engine. ‘Pikssel’ is equipped with artificial interactive voice secretary 'Google Assistant'. Google Assistant talks to the user, engage in Q & A, and find the information the users are looking for. It may just be that because of artificial intelligence, though you are alone, you don’t feel lonely at all.

This is so in the movie 'HER.’ Teodor, who lives a lonely and empty life, meets ‘Samantha,’ an operating system. At one point, he begins to feel love towards her and become happier because Samantha listens and understands him. The movie shows love between human and OS. The robots are not the means to providing information to humans, but the subject of sharing emotions and thoughts with human. Many SF films of the past have become a reality.

Depending on the field AI comes to be applied to, it can change infinitely. For instance, one of the biggest law firms in New York, Baker & Hostetler, have taken an active role in using AI by employing a bankruptcy specialist lawyer ‘Laws’. Hilton, a renowned hotel chain, is giving hotel services using a hotelier robot ‘Cony’. Also, LG Electronics introduces artificial intelligence ‘Alexa,’ a refrigerator, and Haieol introduced ‘Yubot,’ a Smart Home Hub robo that can control household electronic appliances.

Everyone was worried about the development of robot, thinking that it would be like opening Pandora’s box. There were fears that the development of robots would make humans more miserable. However, we can see that artificial intelligence can play a positive role in our lives. This is because vast knowledge of mankind is being used for human beings to effectively overcome our limitations. Since Pandora's box is ultimately man-made, AI could be fully controlled-making it built with strict ethical consciousness.

As we are in the process of expecting more and more changes, we need to become more familiar with changes having in our lives. Even experts who were unconvinced are now saying, "It’s time to accept AI as a reality." As AI is making a fast advances by being implemented in the fields of finance, health care, manufacturing, and education, us too have to keep up the pace. In a society that is becoming more technological, we must find ways in which humans can maintain their job security, establish the right law and regulation to control AI. We must think about AI more seriously now that AI has become a reality.

We Live in Racially Discriminative Society

Lim Jae-min, Yun Se-yee, Heo Jin –nyeong

Recently, “Hidden Figures”, a movie based on the true story about racial discrimination at NASA in the ‘60s in America, is a hit in the box office. The movie stars three black women who are highly skilled to work in NASA to reach their nation’s goal to win the space race. However, they first had to fight a bigger race, a social system that discriminate them because of their race. For one thing in the movie, Katharine, a scientist whose job is to calculate work for Space Task Group of NASA walks a distance just to use the restroom, because there isn’t a coloredrestroom in the building. But they don’t give up. At the end, they are finally able to write history by proving their ability. Yet, even decades later from the era of radical racial discrimination, we are still seeing racial discrimination throughout the world. Korean society, at present, is no exception.

Korean government examined ‘Multicultural acceptability index(다문화수용성지수)’ in 2015 and Korea received a lower grade compared to other developed countries. Among others, the biggest problem is that Koreans do not acknowledge that there are obvious discriminations around us. Us, Korean, tend to be undermine the issue of racial discrimination.

On March 4, 2017, a Korean pop group named Mamamoo, did a parody of black R&B musician Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ in their music video and showed it at their concert. They had the imprudence to paint their face with black lacquer. Their careless behavior turned foreign fans ‘upside down.’ ‘Black Face’ has long been a taboo in Western societies because of its use in ridiculing black people’s skin. The following day, Mamamoo’s agent made a formal apology. Some Korean fans don’t grasp the magnitude of the problem and ask why this is such a big ‘problem’ if Mamamoo didn’t have any intention of ridiculing people of black race. Black people have faced a long history of persecution and discrimination based on race, so they can be offended when they see ‘Black Face’. One of foreign fans in twitter mentioned that “Yes, this is wrong on so MANY levels. Sadly, many Koreans don’t see this as offensive which is WHY WE HAVE TO EDUCATE THEM.”

Foreign residents in Korea are surprised at how Koreans think about discrimination. The feelings of discrimination that foreigners experience are often due to misunderstanding or as result of difficulties Koreans’ experience when communicating with foreigners. However, it is true that a lot of Korean still have prejudice toward foreigners based on ethnicity, skin color, appearance, Korean language skill, and country of origin. Maybe some Koreans would deny this. However, according to research done by Seoul National University Human Rights Center, 67 percent of foreign students have experienced some form of discrimination in Korea.

It is impossible to eliminate existing racial discrimination completely because it is human nature to find a way to distinguish oneself from other. However, we must recognize how serious of an issue it is when we discrimination others based on race and ethnicity (remembering that us too, when we go abroad will be discriminated against based on our race) and gradually change our consciousness. In the end, our lack of awareness is the problem. We should free ourselves from wrongly fixed ideas.

ParkJiwon  wldnjs971105@naver.com

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