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  • Kim Junhwan / Chung Minkyung
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HT finally hit its 200th edition! To celebrate, we asked our designers and reporters for thoughts and memories of working in HT along with polaroid pictures of them.

Q. As a junior reporter, how did you feel writing your first article in Hongik Tidings?(HT)

Lee Jumi

Writing my first article was quite fun. Since I'm deeply interested in literature and history, mixing them up in one article was an invaluable experience for me. Next time if I can choose which article to write about, I'll take the literature part again, and recommend some books that I had read lately. I would like to share my thoughts with the readers of the Hongik Tidings!

Cho Aruem

It was not an easy task to complete an article. Nevertheless, I made it and I am so glad I did. My decision to join the HT was definitely the best thing I have done this year.

Chung Minkyung

To tell the truth, I’m not good at English and I’m very worried about my articles. However, the professors and HT colleagues helped me out. I was impressed when I saw the publication with my own eyes.

Q. Of all the articles you’ve written while working at Hongik Tidings, which one is your favorite?

Choi Bugeun

Understella' in the 'On the Road' section in the March 2015 issue, because I always had written articles in the 'Beyond Newton' section, I wanted to write an article in another section through direct reporting. So I brought the material myself, I did the planning, and eventually I got assigned “On the Road”. However, the problem was that the material for the article had been about night view spots in Seoul. It was early February by the time I wrote the article, and I almost froze to death when I roamed Seoul at midnight in winter.

Yoo Dayoung

Every article I've written since 2014, when I first entered Hongik Tidings, is in my memory, but I'll pick an interview with my grandfather if I have to choose one. Talking with my grandpa is one of my favorite things. His stories are always interesting as I've never lived nor will I live in the times of his memory, ever. Recording is different from just listening. I was happy to record my grandfather's memories and share them with more people.

Q. Can you tell us about your position in Hongik Tidings?

Lee Jiwon

I’m part of the design team in HT. Working as a designer in HT is pretty fun, but it’s also quite tough too. Designers mostly work on ‘designing’, such as designing the covers, designing layouts for articles, making illustration sources that help readers better understand articles, and some more. But we also take part in discussing new material for the upcoming issue, and also plan the theme of the issues with reporters. Design meetings with the staff always make me nervous, but it’s really a proud job to visualize words into an actual published magazine!

Sunjin Kwak

There are three designers at Tidings, composed of students from the Visual Communication Design Department. We design the overall design of magazines, from cover design to editing design, illustration and graphs. Through many meetings, we get the concept of a whole magazine and consult with journalists to design articles. Making magazines together at Tidings is one of the most enjoyable things of my school life!

Q. What made you join Hongik Tidings?

Lee Sunho

I major in Visual Communication Design and I’m especially interested in photography. One of the seminars in HIPS(Hongik Photography Study) recommended people to apply for the Hongik Tidings. I also have been interested in journalism, being raised up by my parents who were both newspaper reporters. I thought it would be a great experience for me to be a member of the Hongik Tidings.

Q. What does Hongik Tidings mean to you?

Cho Suyeon

At the start of my University life as a freshman, I was looking for some meaningful activity from which I can learn many things. Hongik Tidings, one of the press organizations in Hongik University, became a big chance to achieve my goal. Since I didn’t have any experience of writing articles before, every process of completing a whole journal was a new world. At first, I was not familiar with having a planning meetings or coming up with ideas, but I soon got used to them and started to enjoy. During the meeting, I could share a variety of opinions with people from various majors and I really loved it. I feel lucky that I have a chance to be with passionate coworkers-journalists and designers- and to be part of Hongik Tidings.

Kim Junhwan

For me, HT feels like taking a course that has 6 credits. Basically, it’s kind of similar to enrolling in two massive classes. So yes, it can be exhausting sometimes. However, tiredness isn’t the only feeling that the HT brings to me. Just like I feel a sense of accomplishment when I end my semester successfully, working in HT also makes me feel the same. Every time I finish writing my article and see it published, I feel as if I’ve given birth.

Choi Yugyeong

I, who was a freshman, just joined the Hongik Tidings because I usually had written English articles in my club at high school. However, nowadays, the Hongik Tidings is almost everything in my university life. It is a little bit difficult to write articles in English every time, but Tidings helps me feel less burdened by writing many times. Moreover, since now I have the position of Vice-Chief Editor and will become the editor-in-chief, it gives me responsibility and Tidings has become part of my personal pride.

Heo Junyoung

It’s been two years since I entered HT and it is the 6th time to write my own HT article. HT become a big part of my school life. Thanks to HT, I could meet lots of my friends from other major departments, study various issues and improve my English skills. All of my memories of HT, and my university courses have improved my abilities. Although I have a hard and busy time because of HT, these hard and busy times improve me too.

Kim Soomin

I suggested a renewal of the Hongik Tidings’ design and to help it find it’s own identity. I felt burdened but also pretty fluttered and excited because it was my first, vital work in Tidings. I really hope to reveal Hongik Tidings’ characteristics more accurately. It will be an unforgettable work in my life.

Q. Tell us the most memorable event you experienced while working at Hongik Tidings.

Choi Hyejin

The most memorable thing working as a Hongik Tidings member is that I made a funny mistake.

When I went to interview bookstores, I took some pictures. Because of the technological advance, unluckily, my pictures were uploaded in our Hongik Tidings cloud including my selfie. When I went to the next meeting, the computer’s background was of me. Plus, my selfie was printed and put on a wallboard. After that, I check the cloud’s account every time.

Seo Jiwon

The most unforgettable moment during my time at Tidings was last winter. I was in charge of writing the cover story about Extremists and their increased terrors at the time. The problem began with an article I referred to. After my background research before writing, I decided to extract an article from Time website that analyzed why France had become a target for terrorists. I added a 4th reason based on my opinion. I did not just take from the internet with any malice, but just to introduce the well-analyzed view from the renowned magazine and to build up the grounds for my opinion, which I edited in as the 4th reason. Also, I did mention in the writing where I have extracted the reference from, but still my article was in problem. The fault was for the correct notation of a source. It was my first time to realize that the ‘Citation Guide’ exists. I recommend every Hongik student to be aware of ‘the guide’ before facing any unintentional, but embarrassing moment, like the one I had.

Q. What did Hongik Tidings teach you?

Park Jiwon

I have been taught countless things after I became a leader of the HT. An official assistant taught me how to draw a huge blueprint, even painting every corner carefully. Also, all members of the HT taught me how to communicate freely (also delightfully), respecting each opinion and how to politely give feedback an accomplishment. In fact, I failed all of the above at one time and another. In other words, I was taught these things after initial failure. Therefore, every moment, I feel sorry and thankful to our members who were disappointed about my failure. I always appreciate them for following an awkward leader. Although I barely finished these 6 sentences by erasing and revising it for 3 hours, I couldn’t write all of the gifts that they have given me.

Kim Junhwan / Chung Minkyung  dogedoggo@naver.com / pepsisehun@naver.com

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